Staphylococcus aureus Skin and Soft Tissue Infection

MRSA Skin Infection Model. S. aureus suspension is administered intradermally (ID) or subcutaneously (SC) and BALB/c are monitored daily for weight loss.

Lesions are measured daily for 14 days post- infection using calipers. Vaccinated or mice treated with therapeutics have shown protection from lesion formation (PMID: 33777005). Insights gained from rodent studies can be translated into clinical practice to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Staph aureus SSTIs in humans.
Mouse models provide a controlled environment for testing hypotheses and evaluating potential interventions before moving to human studies.


Animal Background: Challenge Route: Peak Lesion Size: Standard Readouts:
BALB/C, CD-1 Intradermal (ID) Strain dependent Weights, health, survival, lesions, photographs
Other Readouts:
Bacterial Assays (MIC), ELISA, Luminex, Flow cytometry

S. aureus Strain

  • USA300
  • USA300
  • USA100
  • USA1000

Isolate/ Subtype

  • LAC
  • NRS384
  • NRS699
  • PVL