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Integrated Biotherapeutics (IBT)  that sets itself apart by offering comprehensive services and concierge-level support, making it a one-stop shop for all your biotherapeutic development needs.

IBT distinguishes itself by providing personalized and tailored support to clients throughout the entire development journey. We understand that each project is unique, and its dedicated concierge team ensures that clients receive individualized attention, timely communication, and seamless coordination. Our team of highly skilled scientists, researchers, and industry experts work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results and accelerate the development process.In the evolving landscape of the biopharmaceutical industry, the presence of virtual biotech companies that operate without their own facilities or in-house resources has become prominent.

For virtual biotechs, partnering with a one-stop shop and a CRO like IBT is crucial. By providing seamless transfer of samples and storage services, We alleviate the logistical burden on virtual biotechs. This enables them to focus on their core activities without the need to establish and manage their own sample storage infrastructure. Additionally, the integrated nature of our services ensures continuity and consistency throughout the drug development process, reducing the risk of sample-related issues and streamlining thetimelines.

Key Features of IBT’s Concierge Services:


You can trust us to manage your project effectively and keep you informed throughout the process. Each client or project has a designated primary point of contact, ensuring effective communication, project coordination, and timely updates. IBT is committed to delivering high-quality results within agreed timelines.


IBT offers end-to-end sample management services, starting from sample receipt through processing, characterization, and long-term storage. The company employs robust tracking systems and quality control measures to ensure accurate and efficient sample handling. The concierge team ensures that the client is informed in real-time as the samples move within the various teams at IBT as well as when they are shipped externally. IBT maintains well-equipped storage facilities specifically designed to meet the requirements of various sample types. These facilities provide controlled environments such as temperature-controlled chambers, freezers, and refrigeration units to maintain the stability and longevity of samples.


IBT recognizes that project requirements may evolve over time. The concierge team adapts to changing needs, offering flexibility and scalability to accommodate modifications or expansions in scope


IBT works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals. Based on this understanding, the team develops customized strategies and approaches to address the unique challenges of each project.


IBT fosters collaboration by actively engaging with clients and maintaining open lines of communication. The concierge team ensures that all stakeholders are involved and informed throughout the project, facilitating a smooth and efficient development process. IBT also has access to a network of experts and consultants that can add value to your project.


IBT recognizes the importance of data security and confidentiality. We implement robust information management systems to track sample information, associated data, and documentation securely. Secure data transfer to the client is also ensured.

By combining a full range of biotherapeutic development services with concierge-level support, IBT provides a unique and exceptional experience to its clients. Whether you are a biotech startup or an established pharmaceutical company, IBT serves as your trusted partner, simplifying the development process and accelerating your journey towards bringing innovative biotherapeutics to patients in need.
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