Chikungunya Efficacy Model

Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a mosquito-borne alphavirus endemic in Africa and Asia that causes a debilitating disease in over 2 million people every year in explosive outbreaks.

Currently there are no vaccines or therapeutics available for this emerging virus. IBT Bioservices has established a lethal model for this disease based on previous publications
(Partidos, et al., 2011). This model utilizes AG129 mice deficient in IFN/and IFN signaling and an attenuated strain of CHIKV (181/25).


Animal Background: Challenge Route: Mean Time to Death: Standard Readouts:
AG129 Intradermal Footpad 5 days Weights, health and survival
Other Readouts:
CPE Assay, HAI Assay, PRNT, Microneutralization assay, Pseudovirus neutralization assay, ELISA, Luminex, Flow cytometry, viremia detection in various organs and serum